Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Training Camp: Day 1

Due to some commitments with my work at TEAM 1040, I was unable to attend the opening day of Eagles training camp. However, I did manage to catch up with Head Coach and GM Matt Erhart for his thoughts on the day.

The opening day of camp consisted of the three teams (red, blue and green) each practicing for an hour as well as doing some dry-land work.

"The first bit of practice we did a lot of puck movement stuff for guys to shake some nerves out and communicate with each other and start making some plays," said Erhart. "In the second half of practice we did more battle, competitive, one-on-one type drills as well as two-on-twos and drills down low where we tried to get the competitive spirit out of the players. On our big sheet of ice, guys who can skate and guys who want to compete are guys that usually have success."

In the first of the six intrasquad games, Team Blue picked up an 8-6 win over Team Green. There were a couple of players that caught Erhart's eye in particular.

"Drew Best came in from the Victory Honda program (in Plymouth, Michigan) and he was very dynamic offensively," said Erhart. "Craig Wyszomirski, who's a 20-year-old that came to us from the NCAA, showed that he's a big man out there. He's 6'4 and close to 220 pounds and can make plays, but obviously there were lots of guys who stood out on the first day."

Here's a list of the goal scorers from the first game:

Team Blue:                                     Team Green:
#14 Demico Hannoun (2)                #14 Alec Dawdyiak
#5 Robby Jang                                 #17 Chris Seto (3)
#17 Bryan Lubin                              #9 Colton Mackie
#26 Joel Gaudet (2)                          #16 Cam Seto
#23 Tanner Gattinger
#3 Craig Wyszomirski

Camp continues on Tuesday with three more games at the South Surrey Arena.

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